Our Services

our services

Our services include direct and sub contracts for onshore consulting assignments. We provide consulting on both technology and business assignments. Since we are a supplier of consultancy, we adhere to the vendor agreement requirements of the client. Some customers prefer to employ their human capital as their full-time employees. Since we have various expertise, we can find referrals for full-time employees and conduct pre-screening for the desired skill for a fee.

We bring many skills to the client’s environment. For the list of types of services we offer, please visit the ‘What We Do’ section.

How We Price Our Contracts

Since we do not have packaged products which we sell at the moment- our services are not fixed price. Our contracts are priced based on hourly, daily or yearly rates. The rates for our services depend on the individual contractor’s experience and the skill being used and the complexity of the project. If this is a service that involves full-time employee search and pre-screening, we will be able to provide a fixed rate per job description.

How it works

Our ability to provide immediate service on ad-hoc requests for consulting engagements depends on the availability of a resource of the required skill. Usually, we prefer to establish a long-term supplier- client relationship so that we know our client’s needs as they appear. Depending on the resource availability we can immediately provide a Request for Proposal (RFP) or a Quote for the needs become available.

For any reason, if we do not have immediate availability for a resource, we can find a suitable resource available in the market or through our partnering companies and conduct a pre-screening for your particular requirement as we would do for our own consultants and onboard them in accordance with the existing supplier-client agreement.

How to obtain our services

For further information, please visit the contact section and contact either through email, phone, fax or direct mail. We will respond to you as soon as possible.